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I had the opportunity to create some basic study skills videos when I was working at Mount Holyoke College.  I tried to keep each of them under 10 minutes so they wouldn’t be a drain on a student’s time or attention.  They can be found on YouTube, just click below on the one you want to watch:

Time Management 1- Introduction and the Big Picture

Time Management 2-  The Weekly Grind and the Flex Schedule

Time Management 3-  The Daily Planner!

Time Management 4-  Combating Procrastination

The Writing Process 1-  a four step process to manage papers and presentations

The Writing Process 2  (continued)

Test Taking 1-  Assessing your Exams

Testing Taking 2- Be strategic about preparing for your exams

Test Taking 3- Strategies Continued

Reading Strategies 1-  The Good Ole SQ3R

Reading Strategies 2- Reading Novels

Note Taking Strategies- The Cornell Method

Stress Reduction 1- Present Day Dinosaurs and the Fight or Flight Syndrome

 Stress Reduction 2-  Present Day Dinosaurs Continued

Stress Reduction 3-  A Session in Breathing, Progressive Relaxation, and Mental Imagery

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