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Whether the goal is for an Associates, Bachelors, or Graduate degree, going to college is a significant investment in time, energy, and money.  For success, it is essential to assess your strengths and challenges and then build skills and upgrade tools in time management and planning, reading, notetaking, writing essays, and taking exams.  Because they are skills that people aren’t born with, the most effective way to learn them is to practice them with a coach.

Unfortunately, many colleges are not set up to provide the kind of teaching and support many students need in order to build skills and confidence to succeed in their coursework. That’s where the Learning Edge comes in.  For over 25 years, I have worked with students, to build important skills around time management and study strategies that are essential for their success in college.  My goal is to help the student internalize the skills and perspectives through coaching to their strengths while working with the challenges in their learning profile.

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Graduate students, many times, have different challenges.  They may need to juggle work, family, and schooling.  Plus, some students return to school after a number of years working and find their study/organizational skills a bit rusty.  I have also worked with a number of graduate students to support them with their thesis/comps/dissertation work. These can be difficult hurdles that a coach like myself can help a student complete.

An initial assessment and intake session will help us identify strengths and challenges while exploring their past educational experiences, present skills, and future goals.  A personalized plan will be developed to focus on the specific needs for each student.  We can then set up weekly, bi-weekly, monthly, skype, or even short check-in sessions to support the goals and development of the skills and study strategies.

Contact Information:

Dr. John Body         413-584-4781
          email:   body.john@comcast.net