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Sending your young adult off to college is a milestone for everyone in the family.  With it, comes challenges in balancing their independence versus your involvement.  It’s a tight rope that can be difficult and stressful at times while rewarding at others.  Having your student work with the Learning Edge will help this process by giving them an extra support in the beginning of their college education, helping them to build their confidence and their independence.

Amherst College

For parents of high school students, you may find that the skills development that your child is receiving may not be up to the challenges of college.  Many high schools focus on content but really don’t push the students to organize their day, set time management schedules using tools, and develop study strategies and writing skills that will translate to college success.  Learning and internalizing self-monitoring skills, personal time management tools, and study strategies can help them succeed in high school and build a base for a confident and successful college student.

For parents with students who have disabilities such as learning disabilities, attention deficit disorder, and spectrum disorders, the transition from high school to college may be even more fraught with concern.  The good news is that the laws governing special education in K-12 have been successful in graduating students; but are they ready to take on college life?  Many high school programs focus on providing extensive supports without focusing on internalized skills.

The laws that govern K-12 are different than the laws that determine what colleges must provide.   Most colleges and universities provide only reasonable accommodation; gone are the special education supports that many students receive in K-12.  This may present significant challenges because the colleges may only be concerned about access, not success.  All colleges must, if appropriate, provide things like extended time on tests, note takers, and alternative forms of course materials.  Most colleges do not provide on-going skills development and coaching, unless there is a specific program like at Landmark College, Curry College, and some of the larger universities.  I have worked with many students whose parents were excited that their young adult was admitted to a college or university, only to find out too late that the college had very little support to offer.  The Learning Edge can help fill this gap with coaching and skills development.

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